Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tot School 2

Tot School
For more tot school ideas visit 1+1+1=1!

Lauren is two years and seven months old. She had a fun week:

Sorting buttons by shape.

Using a funnel to pour rainbow rice into bottles.

Dumping the coins out of her piggy bank and sliding them back through the slot.

Putting together a puzzle I made from an empty fruit snack box.

Cutting her own puzzle.

Making Do A Dot pictures at the easel.

Gluing items from our collage box.

Painting with puffy paint. Thank you My Two Happy Homeschoolers for the great idea!

Cleaning the table. I am teaching the girls to spray once and wipe until all the water is gone before spraying again.

"Reading" our I Went Swimming chart.

Writing a story! This is my favorite picture of the week! Lauren saw an ant by the back door and then decided to write a story about it. When she pretends to write, she carefully says the words and makes verticle lines for her "letters". I can tell she has been watching mom and big sister write.

Balancing a bean bag on various parts of her body.

Throwing and attempting to catch a bean bag.

Riding a scooter all the way to the playground and all the way home (about one mile round trip)!

Watering the plants.

Playing in the sandbox.


  1. looks like such fun!! I'm getting excited about including my tot in school this fall!

  2. I like the idea of making puzzles out of old boxes. It is cute that she is making her own. She looks like she had a fun week.

  3. Great idea to teach them to spray and then wipe until it's all gone.