Monday, May 25, 2009

Collage Box

Creating collages is a popular activity around our house. We use this compartmentalized box to hold various collage items. Our current materials are sequins, small shells, aquarium rocks, feathers, googly eyes, died pasta, paper and foam confetti, popcorn, and a string of beads.

My two year old uses a paint brush to spread a little glue to attach her items to her paper. Collage is a great sensory and fine motor experience for toddlers. The materials offer a variety of textures for her to explore. She develops finger muscles as she picks up and carefully places the items on her paper. As she decides how to arrange the items on the paper she develops spatial reasoning and problem solving skills.

Five year old Julia uses a bottle of glue to adhere the items. Sometimes she creates pictures from the collage materials and other times she enjoys just gluing to items to her paper. Below are some of Julia's creations:


  1. How cute! I love how she made a picture out of all those crafty items. Very creative!

  2. That's a great idea to keep the materials all in one box. Have you ever tried doing the collage with contact paper?

  3. I've given the girls contact paper for collages a few times. Mostly I only break out the contact paper when we're doing something with tissue paper. I think I'll cut a few sheets and set it out with our collage stuff and see what the girls do with it. Thanks for the suggestion!