Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tot School Week of September 28

Tot School

Lauren turned three years old this week! Our tot school objectives for this week were:
  • Recite rhymes and songs
  • Small muscle control activities
  • Count up to six objects
  • Recognize letters
  • Extend simple patterns
  • Recognize shapes

In honor of Lauren's birthday I pulled out the birthday cake counting boards. Lauren placed three candles on each cake.

Later we played a birthday counting game. We set out several stuffed animals and placed a birthday cake counting board in front of each animal. We took turns choosing an animal to be the birthday friend. We rolled the die to see how old the animal is and then placed the correct number of candles on the animal's cake. Then we sang "Happy Birthday" to the animal. This was a fun, playful way to practice counting.

We played a game with our unit blocks. Lauren and I each had a matching group of five blocks. One of us would make something with our blocks and the other would copy the creation.

Lauren smashed bananas for banana bread. Thanks to Michelle from A Mommy's Adventure for this idea.

Lauren enjoyed our Very Hungry Caterpillar lacing activity.

Lauren spent a lot of time exploring the unifix cubes this week.

I showed her how to make patterns with the blocks. She repeated this activity several times.

Lauren has been very interested in letters lately so I have started to do a little letter work with her. Here she is sorting Ls and Os.

Lauren used tongs to transfer small apple ornaments from the tree to the basket.

Lauren and big sister Julia enjoyed Teach Mama's fabulous shape activity.

Check out 1+1+1=1 for more Tot School fun!


  1. I love the birthday counting cards. So cute. We need to get unifix cubes. I think my man would love them.

  2. What wonderful activities. I love the way you covered shapes, letters and counting in one week. We made Andy's Caterpillar threading game a few months back and he asks for his lapbook quite often to do it as he did last week. It's such a great, fun activity.

  3. I love the tong/apple activity. And the lacing cards, which i copied not too long ago.

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  5. I love the birthday counting game with the animals - such a great idea! I'm saving it to use sometime soon. Where did you find those counting cakes?

  6. The cakes are from Workjobs 2:
    I made them a very long time ago when I was in college. It would be easy to draw your own. For the top of the cakes I glued yellow felt to keep the candles from rolling around.

  7. My little girl recently turned three and we are doing some pattern work as well. I like the idea of using blocks to construct something and then the other person has to reproduce the structure.

    Mashing bananas to make banana bread looks like lots of fun.