Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tot School: Week of September 7

Tot School

Lauren is 35 months old. We began our week with a fun family trip to the zoo. Our tot school objectives for this week were:
  • identify body parts: neck, chest, shoulders, waist, stomach, back
  • recognize written first name
  • balance a bean bag on various body parts
  • find an object that is being described
  • describe attributes of an object
  • small muscle control activities
  • sort objects
  • identify a pair of objects as the same or different
  • observe seasonal changes

Here are a few pictures of Lauren's week:

We sang "The Lauren Song" while tracking the print with a pencil.

I named various body parts and Lauren tried to balance a bean bag on that part.

I set out four pictures at a time and described one of the girls. Lauren listened to the description and found the girl.

Lauren and I looked at an elephant toy and described its attributes: gray skin, four legs, long trunk, short tail, etc.

Lauren sorted lids by color. She first tried to sort by size but there are too many sizes for her to handle. I plan to set up a size sorting activity for her next week.

I put pairs of lids into two bags. Lauren and I each reached into our bag and pulled out a lid. Lauren would identify if the lids were the same or different.

We took a walk to look at our neighbor's pear tree. Lauren described what the tree looks like in summer. Then we came home and she crumpled pieces of green tissue and glued them to her tree trunk. This was a great fine motor activity and took an amazing amount of concentration to finish.

When Lauren was finished with her tree I recorded her observations. We will visit the tree again in the fall, winter, and spring.

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  1. I have a little girl who is nearly three and I think she would love some of these ideas. Thank you for sharing your fun and creative activities.

  2. I love how you have learning objectives each week for Lauren. I think I want to try this for Bear. I have tried various ways to focus our week, but none have really worked for me yet. Thanks for the idea.

  3. I like your idea with the color sorting and your objectives too.

    LOVE the tree she made!

  4. I love the LAUREN song chart. Great idea!

  5. What a cool idea with balancing the bean bag!

  6. I love the name song chart! And you did some great description activities - I've never even thought of doing that! And I really like the same/different game too. I think this is my first visit to your blog - I will definitely be back! Thanks for sharing all the great things you do!

  7. You have been so busy, and Lauren must be learning so much! I love the lid sorting and the name chart is sooooo cute! Great ideas!!