Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tot School Week of October 19

Tot School

I had more planned this week but illness in our family made this another light week for tot school. Lauren's learning objective this week were:

  • Fine motor control: pouring, tracing with finger
  • Balancing while walking on a line
  • Throwing and catching a bean bag
  • Understand that print carries a message
  • Tracking print from right to left, top to bottom
  • Identifying letters
  • Ordering objects by size

  • Here are a few pictures of this week's work:
    Lauren had fun painting pumpkins as part of our stART project.

    Here she is pouring beans into a cup.

    Lauren ordered five lids from smallest to largest...

    and then stacked them.

    She also ordered five pumpkin pictures from smallest to largest.

    She enjoyed walking along a six foot long piece of rope. This took a great deal of balance.

    It was even more challenging to walk the rope while holding an object. Lauren carried a bag and walked on the rope to me. Then she said, "Trick or treat" and I put a block in her bag. She liked doing this so much I thought she would never stop!

    Lauren tracked the print while we sang her Lauren Song.

    We also read our Halloween Pumpkins poem.

    She had fun using her finger to write letters in colored salt.

    After Lauren traced each of the sandpaper letters I named a letter and she held it up.

    When big sister Julia spent some time writing in her journal Lauren decided to join her.

    So, here she is "writing" in her journal. She worked hard making several rows of small, pink circles. I love the look of concentration on her face.

    Lauren also enjoyed a scooter ride along a local nature trail.

    For more Tot School fun visit 1+1+1=1.


    1. You call this a light week? Good God, woman, you have been busy! I do hope the girls feel better soon... we're dealing with a case of the sniffles here. Nothing serious, but we've been trying to get lots of rest.

    2. Valerie,
      LOL! OK, maybe it looks like a lot but that's just because I didn't post pictures of the many hours my girls spent watching cartoons this week!

    3. I think you had a great week. I want to make some sandpaper letters but I just haven't had the time. And don't worry about the cartoons. With all the packing I am doing, Andrew gets in his fair share of cartoons too.

    4. The lid size sorting and stacking activity is brilliant! Also, walking on the line holding the bag and saying "trick or treat" is so cute and sounds like a lot of fun! We'll be using both these ideas, so thank you! The look on her face while she is writing is adorable. :) I hope everyone feels better this week, it's no fun being sick.

    5. I really like how you set specific objectives for the week - I may have to start doing that!

    6. I love the "tight rope" walking. D would love that! Did you color the salt with food coloring?

    7. I like the size sequencing activity you came up with using lids.

      My little girl is just starting to ask about letters, so I was very interested to see your different alphablet activities. I remember once reading that when children are learning to write each letter you can use the "wet, dry and try" method. So they write a letter in something wet like shaving cream, something dry like your great coloured salt idea and then try with a pencil/pen.

      The balancing activity also looks like fun and I think my little girl would really enjoy this.

    8. Adriana,
      To color the salt mix a few drops of food coloring into a bowl of salt. Let the salt dry over night or spread it on a cookie sheet and place in a 350 degree oven for a few minutes.

    9. looks like a lot of fun!! I love to see all your great ideas!

    10. Wow, great week!! I love the rope balancing! I think we will be doing that.

    11. Denise -

      Can you drop me a quick email? :) Love what you are doing with your girls!


    12. I love her journal writing of pink circles, precious!

    13. HI! I just found your site from Tot school and love it! Thanks for all the great ideas. Can I ask you how do you come up with your weekly objectives. Can you offer any help in how to come up with our own and meet the needs of my soon to be 3 year old? Thanks so much!