Thursday, October 29, 2009

Latches and Letters

In this activity Lauren was able to exercise her hand muscles, memory, and letter knowledge all at the same time. But don't tell her she was learning, she was sure it was just a lot of fun!

To play this game we used our Melissa and Doug Latches Board, six sandpaper letters, and six small letter cards.

Lauren chose a small letter card, identified the letter, and hid it behind one of the doors. She continued until all of the letters were hid.

Then I showed her a sandpaper letter and she traced the letter, identified the letter, and searched behind the doors until she found the letter. She continued until she found all of the letters. I knew this activity was a hit when she asked to play it again the next day!


  1. Love the sandpaper letters! Are they store bought or did you make them?

  2. This is a fantastic game! I bought the latches board for my LO for Christmas and will definitely be playing this with her!

  3. Izzie, Mac & Me

    I bought them from Lakeshore Learning Store:


  4. Don't you love when you are asked to play it again. What a great idea and I like that it involves using your memory and assists with developing letter recognition. Such a fun game.

    I have seen these latches boards on a few blog sites and am going to buy one for my little boy for Christmas.

  5. What a wonderful game! It sounds like she really loved it!!

  6. How cool that she asked to play it again the next day! What a fun learning activity, and that latch puzzle looks great. We don't have that one, but I'll add it to our Christmas wish list this year. Great idea!