Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Poem Charts

We have fun reading our poem charts together. The poems on the charts are easy to memorize so the girls can successfully read along with me and even little Lauren feels perfectly confident that she can read them on her own. We read the same charts multiple times over the course of a few weeks and sometimes revisit old charts. As we read the charts, I am able to address different learning goals for each of my girls.

I use the poems to help two year old Lauren:

1) develop a love of language and reading

2) understand that print carries meaning

3) understand that we read the print from left to right and top to bottom

4) recognize known letters when embedded in print

5) begin to recognize rhyming words

I use the poems to help five year old Julia:

1) continue to develop a love of language and reading

2) recognize high frequency words

3) practice phonics skills within the context of meaningful text

4) practice reading fluently

How many other activities can you do with children of such diverse needs and be sure that you are meeting each of their needs? I feel so strongly about the power of reading poem charts with children that I am excited to share them with other parents and teachers. I would also love to see any poem charts that you have made!

Here are two charts that I have not published on this blog before:

Sheep poem
Horse Poem

To see previously published poems click here.

I bought my chart stand from Lakeshore but you can use the poems without a chart stand. They can be clipped to an art easel, attached to a wall with sticky tack, or attached to a refrigerator with a magnet.


  1. great, simple poems for early readers, Denise. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Denise, I am a SAHM with a 4 & 2 year old girls. I've been reading your blog in amazement and appreciation for a while now. I have a question, how do I get my 4 year old to concentrate on writing and reading more? She will read (phonetically sound out) a few words and then say it's too hard or gets tired to read more. She loves it when I read to her but resists when I ask her to sound some words out. Any advice?

    Priti M.

  3. Love the idea of fostering an appreciation for poetry at a young age - in a fun way of course!

    I have a little girl who is nearly three and she loves the book: In The Tall, Tall Grass.

    Thank you so much for sharing the poems you have used, they are sweet and we are so delighted that we can use them too.

  4. Did you make or buy your chart stand? Would you be willing to give me the dimensions so I could ask my husband to make us one? Thanks!! ;-) I LOVE your ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Sorry, I just reread your posting and realized you bought it...somehow I missed that the first time.

  6. Thanks for sharing. This is a great way to introduce poetry at a young age. The poems you shared are perfect.