Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fancy Nancy Day 4

We're still having fun with the Fancy Nancy books! In Fancy Nancy Poison Ivy Expert, Nancy gains some personal experience with poison ivy. Children can relate to the mistakes Nancy makes and the consequences she must face. Best of all, Nancy is surrounded by caring family and friends who support her through her disappointments.

Nancy and her best friend Bree used some rope, a basket, and pulleys to send messages to each other. Julia has been enjoying the pulley system her daddy made for her.

Nancy wrote about her new knowledge of poison ivy in her journal. We turned ordinary journals into...

extraordinary journals! We covered plain composition books with pretty scrapbook paper and sequins. Of course, you need to use a plumed pencil to write in such a posh journal! The journals and pencils are the newest addition to our writing station.

Lauren immediately made marks in her journal, grabbed a chair, and read her story to me! I am thrilled to see my two year old show such confidence that she is a reader and writer!

Listening to my girls read their stories was definitely a happy mommy moment!

We also checked out to see pictures of poison ivy and poison ivy rashes. We've been looking for poison ivy at a local nature trail but haven't found any.


  1. I went to my library because we've never read these before and the only one that was there was the boy from paris, so I really hope you do an activity on that one while we have it checked out. hint hint. ;)

  2. Oh, the pressure! Funny thing, the boy from Paris book is the only one that hasn't come in yet from my library request! I hope to get it soon!

  3. Oooooh, we don't have this one! And since our little Cora had some poison ivy on her foot a few weeks back, it will be great! I'll have to check it out!

    Love the posts, Denise!