Monday, June 8, 2009

Fancy Nancy Day 3

Fancy Nancy Bonjour, Butterfly inspired our activities for day 3 of our Fancy Nancy adventure.

At her grandparents' anniversary party Nancy enjoyed the delicious tiny hot dogs. Julia and Lauren helped make their own pigs in a blanket with frilly toothpicks.

We also made lemonade and sipped it through straws with fancy butterfly toppers.

Nancy pretended the hotel bathroom was a beauty spa. We had our own spa, complete with manicures.

The girls made fancy butterfly necklaces. The butterfly is cut from sparkly fun foam. The girls glued on sequins and laced the butterfly on a string with some pony beads.

One thing I appreciate about the Fancy Nancy books is Nancy's fancy vocabulary. Julia has added a few words to her vocabulary. I love to hear her describe something as posh or spectacular!

Next up: Fancy Nancy Poison Ivy Expert

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  1. You are getting me so excited to do fancy nancy!! Your ideas are so fun. I'm hoping for the fun increase in vocabulary too :)