Monday, April 20, 2009

Fish Song Chart

We've added I'm a Little Fishy to our song and poem charts. For an explanation of the charts please visit this post. We sang the song a few times while tracking the print with a pointer and then we did a few follow up activities.
The big girls played fishing for sight words. I cut several construction paper fish and on each fish I wrote a high frequency word from the song. I clipped a paper clip to each fish and made a fishing rod by taping a magnet to a string that I tied to a pencil. The girls took turns fishing for words.
After catching a fish, the child read the word and found it on the chart. We then read that line of text together. This game could also be played with letters written on the fish. The child would catch a fish, identify the letter, and find the letter on the song chart.
I also used the chart to practice the /sh/ sound. We read the word 'fishy' and noticed that the letters sh made the /sh/ sound. The girls have already been introduced to sh so this was a review. We used these cards from My Montessori Journey to practice reading sh words.
Finally, the girls enjoyed Jello fish bowls while I read Into the A,B, Sea by Deborah Lee Rose to them.


  1. These are great charts! Where have you found simple songs/chants?

  2. Jenna,
    Some songs and poems I remember from my teaching days and others I have found on various pre-K and kindergarten teacher's websites. Here are some good sources:
    Most of these links will take you to an index of themes. Choose a theme and you will find related songs and poems.

    Lauren loves the song charts so I'm sure I will make plenty more and show them on this blog.

    Hope this helps,