Friday, May 15, 2009

Who Was In the Barn

Children practice animal names and sounds with this easy to memorize poem. The changeable pictures and word pieces add extra appeal.


  • Who Was in the Barn printed on printer paper

  • Word cards and animal pictures printed on card stock. The animal pictures are from

  • one piece of 12x18 construction paper

  • a small piece of yellow construction paper

  • lamination film (if you do not laminate, then place a piece of clear packing tape under the velcro)
  • velcro

To make the cart:

  • Glue the poem to the top of a 12x18 piece of construction paper. Glue a yellow construction paper haystack to the bottom of the paper.

  • Laminate the poem, word cards, and animal pictures. Cut the pieces apart.

  • Attach velcro to the end of the last two lines of the poem, on top of the haystack, and to the back of the word cards and animal pictures.

To use the chart:

  • Lay out the animal pictures, name cards, and sound cards as shown in the picture above.

  • Place an animal on top of the haystack. Attach the animal name and sound cards to the poem.

  • Read the poem with your child. Track the print with your finger or a pointer as you read.

  • Change the pieces and read the poem again. Continue as long as your child is interested.


  1. This is wonderful! Thanks so much. It's so nice to find someone that I can totally agree with and love all your activities!

  2. Jenna,
    Thank you. I hope you are able to use this. I would like to check out your blog but your profile is disabled. Would you mind providing a link to your blog?

  3. I love this! Great for beginning reading and fun!

    Creative and Curious Kids!

  4. Is there a way I can print Who Was In The Barn and the Word Cards without downloading 4SharedDeaktop?