Thursday, May 14, 2009

Feed the Chicks

Lauren practiced counting 1-3 objects with our latest counting game. This game uses a chick counting board, dot spinner, and popcorn kernels. The counting boards came from Workjobs by Mary Baratta-Lorton but they would be easy to create with clip art.

The child spins the spinner, counts the dots, and places the correct number of corn kernels in a chick's dish. Use a die if your child is practicing counting six objects. Use two dice to practice addition.


  1. that is fun! I'm marking it for our farm theme!

  2. Your blog is beautiful!!!

    (I followed a link from Hadley at Life of a Dairy Queen!)

  3. That is too cute!! I may have to make something like that!

    I get my clip art from Microsoft word. If it isn't in my program I look on Microsoft office online and start searching. :)All of it is the free stuff they provide, since I try to be careful with copyrighted images.

    Hope that helps!