Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tot School Week of August 31

Tot School

Lauren is 35 months old. Her learning goals for this week were:

  • recognize written first name

  • identify parts of the face: eyes, nose, mouth, cheek, chin, ear, earlobes, forehead, lips, eyebrows, eyelashes, nostrils

  • recite nursery rhymes: This Little Piggy Went to Market

  • small muscle control

  • tear and glue paper

  • identify color red

  • find an object that is being described

  • identify pairs of objects as the same or different

Here are some snapshots from our week in tot school:

I named parts of the face and Lauren used a pencil to touch those parts on the baby's face.

Later in the week, I gave Lauren a picture from a magazine. I named a part of the face and Lauren colored that part red.

Lauren worked on tearing red paper .

After finding red objects in our collage collection, Lauren made a red collage.

She sorted toys into "red" and "not red" piles,

She colored a simple red book. To make this interesting for her I provided various red coloring tools: a thick marker, thin marker, glitter marker, crayon, and pencil.

Lauren matched pictures of red objects.

I set out four princesses at a time and then described a princess. Lauren listened to my description and found the correct princess.

Each of us had a pile of color bear cards. We would take turns turning over a card and Lauren would decide if the pictures were the same or different.

We used the color bear cards to play a memory game.

Lauren loves to help me cook. Here she is stirring the broccoli, rice, and chicken.

We also read lots of books including The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry , and the Big Hungry Bear, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and Who Said Red?

Check out 1+1+1=1 for more tot school inspiration.


  1. Love the princess description activity!

  2. Great week! I really like the Bear cards. Did you make these or download them?

  3. I really like how you wrote out a list of goals for the week! Your week looks like it was a lot of fun learning - great job! *Ü*

  4. I love your list of goals too! The description activity was really great...I want to try that with Emily.

  5. So many great activities! I also like that you wrote out your goals! I like the princess description activity. I should try that...maybe with race cars instead. =)

  6. I really like your use of the real photos and seeing her helping in the kitchen. Your matching game is great too. Where did you get your cards--I really like them.

  7. Izzy, Mac, &amp Me and Susana,

    I've had the bear cards for many years so I don't remember who made them. I think they were from Carson-Dellosa but I can't find them on their website now. Sorry!


  8. Yes, that princess description activity is awesome. I will be giving something similar to that a try!

  9. I like how you gave her different red utensils--great idea to keep her from being bored.