Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Colorful Sun Catchers

We always have seasonal sun catchers hanging on our kitchen door but I had a hard time coming up with a sun catcher for August. During a trip to the Lakeshore store I saw these and decided to make a simpler version. When I set out the materials, Julia had her own idea of what she wanted to make (yeah!).

To create a frame for her sun catcher Lauren attached 9"x 1.5" strips of black construction paper to the perimeter of a nine inch contact paper square.

She placed several colors of tissue paper squares on the contact paper and glued sequins to the frame.

Julia created a flower using tissue paper for the stem and leaf. The flower sequins made lovely petals for her flower.


  1. These are great...I really need to get some clear contact paper!!

  2. They are beautiful! I think we'll be doing some of these too. Great idea!

  3. They look great. We have one that we made months ago and it is still in our kitchen window. Fun!