Monday, July 20, 2009

Writing Numbers

Julia needed some practice writing numbers so I cracked open my copy of Math Their Way by Mary Barrata-Lorton for a little guidance.

In Math Their Way children are introduced to numeral formation using purple and green cards. The first part of each numeral is written in purple and the second part is written in green. That author states that these cards help "to eliminate reversals and gives the children a sequential pattern to follow when writing the numerals."

Each numeral card is traced several times and then Julia practices writing the numerals... shaving cream, colored salt or her favorite writing substance: Jello powder (thanks to Teach Mama!)

...using the "wet, dry, try" method (Thanks to Handwriting Without Tears)

..and finally, after lots of practice, she fills in a row on her practice sheets.


  1. We need to work on writing numbers too. Thanks for the ideas.

  2. love it! I never knew about the blue-green technique--probably great for learning how to form letters, too? I'll have to pick up a copy of 'math their way'--sounds like my good pal, 'words their way'! :*)

  3. thanks so much for sharing this with us, these are some great ideas, that I have to put in practice with my daughter, thanks a million :)

  4. Just recently discovered your blog and I am so excited to try out your wonderful ideas!! We might just have to have a Fancy Nancy week. My daughters would love it!

  5. The two color guide is a great idea!