Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tot School 3

Tot School

Lauren is two years and seven months old. This week in Tot School she...

Put together rhyming puzzles with my help.

Strung ocean animal beads.

Sewed with our Filo Design with Laces set.

Stamped flowers.

Explored glue and glitter.

Stamped farm animals.

Played with shaving cream. This is an exciting development for us. Until recently she was not willing to put her hands in finger paint or shaving cream.

Big sister Julia has never hesitated to get her hands messy!

Sorted buttons. We currently have on the shelf a set of six colors and three shapes of buttons. She sorted by shape and then by color.

Matching bear counters to picture cards. She worked with bears of six colors and two sizes.

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  1. She's adorable in her cute dresses. She's pretty smart. It looks like she has lots of fun learning and playing!

  2. I love the bears. Which set do you have? Thanks for sharing!

  3. looks like a fun week! I've got to pull out the shaving cream!

  4. I need to try shaving cream, but I'm looking forward to the mess. Did your girls keep it on the table pretty good?

  5. Sheena,
    It took some training to get my oldest daughter to keep the shaving cream on the table. She likes to experiment and if I let her she would cover herself and my house in shaving cream! When she was little I introduced her to shaving cream by taking her outside and putting some shaving cream on a cookie sheet. I told her that the shaving cream needed to stay on the sheet. If you have a couple of damp towels nearby the mess shouldn't get out of hand.

  6. Rocker Mom,
    I have the Bingo Bears by Learning Resources. I bought it at a garage sale from a retiring preschool teacher. Mine is different from the version they are selling now and she added some bears and cards from other bear sets.

  7. My kids don't love putting their hands in messy things either. I love the cards that go with the counting bears - I have never seen those.