Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fish Mobile

After admiring the pictures of colorful fish in an old copy of Your Big Backyard the girls made these beautiful fish mobiles.

To make a fish mobile you need a paper plate, blue paint, sponges, scissors, fish shapes cut from construction paper, colored chalk, sugar, water, string, and tape.

1. Mix 1/3 cup sugar into 1 cup water and soak the chalk overnight in the sugar solution. Now the chalk will have bright colors that will not smear. I found this procedure in Preschool Art from Mary Ann Kohl.

2. Sponge blue paint on the paper plate. When the paint dries, sponge paint the other side of the plate.

3. Use the chalk to draw designs on both sides of the fish.

4. Cut the plate into a spiral.

5. Cut string into 8-12 inch lengths. Tape a string onto each fish and tape the other end of each string to the spiral. Hang your mobile and enjoy your beautiful fish!

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