Monday, April 13, 2009


My friend, Liz, and I have been doing a preschool exchange for the past two years. On Tuesdays Liz's daughter, Abby, comes to our house for two hours of preschool and on Thursdays Julia goes to Liz's house. This arrangement has been wonderful! The girls love being together and they've learned so much.

Our preschool theme for March was life cycles. Here are some of the activities we did for butterfly life cycles.
After reading Butterfly Life Cycle by Jeff Bauer and From Caterpillar to Butterfly by Deborah Heiligman the kids put together these butterfly life cycle puzzles that I printed from Kelly's Kindergarten.
The girls practiced reading cvc words while putting the wings on the butterflies (another download from Kelly's Kindergarten).
For math the girls put together pattern block caterpillars and butterflies. The big girls used the black and white model and the pattern blocks to recreate the picture on the carpet.
I gave two year old Lauren the blocks that she would need and she placed the blocks directly on the colored model. I downloaded these from b/w caterpillar, colored caterpillar, b/w butterfly, colored butterfly.
Liz made this great butterfly life cycle mobile with the girls.

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  1. what a fun idea! I'm going to save this for our butterfly/life cycle unit coming up.

    I totally love the trade off idea too!