Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Track Game

Who will reach the Christmas tree first? Roll the die, read the cards, and see!

To make this track game I used a red file folder, white square stickers, and Christmas stickers. I placed the white stickers in a track leading to the Christmas tree sticker. I placed stocking stickers on several of the white squares. To play you will need markers (we used Christmas Little People figures) and a bag of either letter or word cards. When I played this with three year old Lauren I used letter cards. For five year old Julia I will use sight word cards.

The directions are placed at the top, left corner of the game board. The players roll a die and move the correct number of spaces. If the player lands on a space with a sticker then she must read a card from the bag.

Two of the spaces are labeled "Poinsettia Patch". a player who lands here must read three cards.

Play continues until everyone reaches the Christmas tree. We like to have the Little People sing a Christmas song around the tree but I guess that is optional!


  1. Great idea! I think I'll go make one.

  2. I LOVE this game! I hope that I can find some time to make this!

  3. Oh my gosh - what a fabulous idea! M would LOVE this game, I've got to find time to make this. What a fun way to learn and/or assess a child's skills! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  4. Wow, what a fabulous and fun game. We would certainly sing a song around the Christmas tree, that wouldn't be optional!!

    I really enjoyed your recent Tot School post. Decorating play doh Christmas trees with buttons looks like fun. I like the wreath with shape the matching activity. We have been doing a lot of counting with those small presents. Lauren has been doing such a great job using them for sorting and extending patterns.

  5. I love your Christmas game. It is so cute. Thanks for sharing.