Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tot School: Week of November 2

Tot School
I was thrilled to see that the leaves had finally started changing colors around here. Yippee, we can finally do some fall themed activities! But then the weather turned quite warm, with high temperature reaching into the 80s. Somehow talking about cool fall weather just didn't make sense. So, I set aside most of what I had planned and we spent a lot of time playing outside and even snuck in an awesome trip to the zoo. Even so, Lauren enjoyed her tot trays and a few mommy directed activities.

Her objectives this week were:

  • Fine motor control: using tongs, squeezing a sponge, cutting, pin pushing, stamping, manipulating playdough
  • Counting up to six objects
  • Sorting objects and pictures by color and shape
  • Identifying opposites
  • Identifying letters
  • Examining leaves and acorns

Here's a peek at her week:

Tot Trays
Transferring acorns with tongs,

transferring water with a sponge (this was a huge hit),

Lauren picked up a rock on one of our walks so I set up a rock cleaning tot tray.

cutting strips of fall colored construction paper,

stamping letters into orange playdough,

pin pushing an outline of a leaf (This is another great activity from My Montessori Journey. Unfortunately Lauren didn't enjoy it very much.),

examining leaves and acorns with a magnifying glass,

sorting buttons,

and sorting pictures by shape.

Mommy Directed Activities
Lauren had a great time collecting acorns.

We played our squirrel grid game (click here to read about this and download the materials)

Lauren had fun with M&M math.

We read Tana Hoban's Exactly the Opposite and then matched opposite pictures.

For more Tot School fun visit 1+1+1=1.


  1. What a fun week! I love the stamping onto playdough.... We'll be doing some of that too! How exciting that the leaves are just starting to change there. I know you've been looking forward to it for weeks now!

  2. Great activities!!! I really like the sorting buttons :)

  3. Great activities! Where did you find the opposite cards?

    I found the green plastic tweezers a few months ago at Michael's in the $1.00 area. Two tweezers in a pack for $1.

  4. Izzy, Mac, & Me,
    I bought my opposite cards at a teacher store. They are made by Trend and are called "Opposites Match Me Cards".

  5. So many great and different activities for fine motor control.

    I like your activity for sorting pictures by shape. Did you purchase, or make these cards?

    How wonderful to be able to enjoy some more time outside in the warmer temperatures. Before you know it, you and Lauren will be doing all of the fall activities that you have planned and I am looking forward to hearing all about them.

  6. Elise,
    I purchased the shape sorting cards several years ago. They were on a poster that I cut apart and I am not sure who published them.

  7. I like the water transferring using sponges. Gonna take note of that one for my daughter.

  8. What a great post full of amazing activities! I love the matching cards with the shapes and objects, I also really like the pushing pins into the leaf shape - these are so great!! Thanks for sharing!